Listen to my new HIT SONG – “Come Together”

Ohh… this song. I wrote “Come Together” a very long time ago. Years ago, actually. The idea came to me at 3 a.m. and I laid the track down in it’s raw form on my friend’s mic. Three years later, I’m in a room with Shirazi, and Stefan, producer extraordinaire of The Cassette Company. I’m … Continue reading

Click to listen to “FIRESTARTER”

“Firestarter“, was birthed in my bedroom after being stood up one too many times by a guy I liked. He would always call me and say he’d be somewhere, but then, never show up. And I liked him so much, I thought I was losing my mind, hence the lyrics “..someone call the police on … Continue reading

New Song – “Why Do You Like Me?”

Another excellent collaboration with The Cassette Company. This song is about delving deeper into the reasons why your love interest is attracted to you.

New Song – “Balloon”

This song was born in the studio with The Cassette Company. Our first attempt at a collaboration; the song came together in a few short moments.