Listen to my new HIT SONG – “Come Together”

Ohh… this song. I wrote “Come Together” a very long time ago. Years ago, actually. The idea came to me at 3 a.m. and I laid the track down in it’s raw form on my friend’s mic. Three years later, I’m in a room with Shirazi, and Stefan, producer extraordinaire of The Cassette Company. I’m late, I’m hungover, and my brain is completely fried. Today is not a day to make music.. sleeping was more what I wanted. But alas, this is what I do for a living, so up and adam!! Lollapalooza weekend had just ended (I played at the Hard Rock Hotel for the BMI showcase) and this was the next morning.. Anyway, I walk into the studio, and they play me what they have so far. As always, it’s a great beat, fashioned by Stefan, so I’m not surprised :)

Generally when I write in the studio, my brain tries to connect what I’m hearing with a song I’ve already written. In this particular situation, brain + 3 a.m. song written 3 years ago + Stefan’s beat = Come Together. The verses were perfect, but I was stuck on the Chorus. That’s where Shirazi came in. He and I tweaked this, and tweaked that. I actually have the original recording of he and I in the studio actually coming up with the chorus on tape. Crazy!

Within.. oh.. ten minutes, a star of a song is born. We are shooting a music video for this one soon, so stay tuned to my website for updates!!

If you like this song, please leave a comment below! You don’t have to sign up or enter your email address or any of that. Just type your thoughts and submit!

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