I’m Your Chicago Real Weather Girl!

Erin Martin Real Weather Girl

That’s right! I’ll be your official Chicago weather girl as of early October.

All you have to do is get an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, and you can see my shining face at least once a day, or anytime you want! I’ll tell you all about upcoming shows, fantastic restaurants, my newest headband, or my latest song!

Of course, the app will provide you with up to the minute weather forecasts for my city, Chicago, and other major U.S. cities as well!

Don’t have and iPhone? You can keep up with me on youtube.com or at http://www.realweathergirls.com where we’ll post some of the videos for your online viewing pleasure!

(the following is from the Real Weather Girl Website)

Join the Weather Revolution

Tired of slogging through the same robotic morning shows? Planning a trip, and searching for a fresh new way to find out about the weather?

Our gorgeous, glamorous Real Weather Girls will bring a current weather report, 7-day forecast, radar maps and worldwide weather highs and lows straight to your mobile device, every day.

We interviewed thousands of bright, beautiful young women, and hand-picked the most incredible Girls living real lives in 12 unique cities from Honolulu to London.

Check in daily – and watch their real-time stories unfold! See Camilla hit the best private clubs in London… Erin perform her latest Pop hit on-stage in Chicago… get beauty tips from Stacey in Washington, D.C. as she drops in at the chicest salons… check out the fiercest Hollywood hot spot with fashionista Colby, or surf Hawaii with Colleen.

And if you have any comments or questions for a favorite girl, just leave her a comment… she just might respond with an answer!

Best of all, whether they’re discussing the latest eateries or the best local events, giving tips on a fantastic new eyeliner or demonstrating a perfect tango step, our lively ladies will always have the latest scoop on what’s hip, hot and happening right now.

So go ahead – don’t be shy. Bring our Girls into your iPhone, iTouch or iPad. Each and every day they’ll make your world a happier place.

Real Weather Girls.

Follow one, or follow them all.
Don’t be left behind!


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